Tips For your Big Day


Remember to keep Bridal and Groom Suite Clean and free of clutter so that we have a nice background for photos!


Bring Sentimental Items for Detail shots


Be organized and prepared - a professional planner and coordinator is recommended for seamless time management.  A solid schedule and itinerary is a must to ensure you get the best use of your photographer!


Make time for your photos - this is the most important - any last-minute changes / interruptions can have a big impact on your photography!


If your photographer makes suggestions - they make them for a reason!! Trust us!


Want more than one perspective?  Not interested in a first look but want your grooms face while you walk down the aisle?  Want photos from the cocktail hour while the bridal party is taking photos your best bet is to add a second photographer.  Depending on the size of your venue and length of the aisle - this may be captured with one photographer but to ensure it add the second!


Inside Venues - Please have your officiant announce twice no flashes or phones at the ceremony - this greatly interferes with our lighting and in order to ensure the best possible lighting - this is required!


Make sure family and bridal party are aware that they will be in photos, and they are ready to cooperate for them!


Make sure your DJ sends over a detailed reception time-line - again organization is key and we don't want to miss anything!



Please ask any questions you have prior to your wedding day!  There is no such thing as a silly question, and it is better not to assume when it comes to your perfect day!